Euromar offers a point-to-point outsourced distribution service which can transport your goods directly from your warehouse to the points of sale, or even to specific sale counters in the case of supplies intended for LSR or specialty LSR.


By outsourcing these activities your company can focus on the higher value-added activities where its core competencies lie, with the assurance that the final process stage delivery - is being reliably carried out by a specialist operator.

Sectors of Expertise

Consumer Goods (No Refrigerated Food)

Picking management

Euromar can handle assembly of your orders, for example receiving different types of goods from your production facilities or suppliers, and putting together the packages to be sent to your clients in accordance with the specifications issued by your sales office. This allows your company to eliminate the intermediate product handling stages, sending all the goods directly to the Euromar warehouse, where they are appropriately grouped by our staff before being forwarded to the end recipient. All for a clear saving in time and money.