Euromar operates a capacious and modern warehouse facility in the outskirts of Milan that is able to store large quantities of goods. Security is assured by a 24-hour video surveillance system, and proper handling by qualified personnel trained in working with highly fragile items.


What is more, the strategic location, in the heart of Lombardy and northern Italy , close to the airports of Linate and Malpensa and just 2 hours by road from Genoa , provides rapid access to the most dynamic industrial and commercial areas of Italy .

Warehouse Infrastructure Network

Euromar does not simply offer outsourced warehousing, but also works in partnership with its clients to create a network of warehouses and hubs able to store and distribute any type of good anywhere in the world.


This relieves the client company of the burden of finding and setting up an infrastructure in a foreign country, with all the attendant complications, and also delivers notable cost savings through the shared use of perfectly equipped facilities operated by fully trained staff.

Warehouse Management

Euromar can handle all your warehousing activities, working in conjunction with your production or sales organisation to ensure efficient fulfilment of orders and maintenance of agreed stock levels, with the advantage for your company of avoiding the costs of setting up a distribution facility such as Euromar's, whilst benefiting from access to the Euromar information system which provides a continually updated picture of the status of your warehouse inventory and deliveries.