With over 100 offices around the world, of which 25 in China , and a network of highly specialised affiliates, the U-Freight Group offers a vast range of logistics services, specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the continually evolving markets in which the network's clients operate.

AFSA, the state-of-the-art information system implemented by U-Freight, supports all types of services, from air and sea freight to logistics management and consulting activities, whilst also providing excellent tracking of the goods in transit.

Established in 1968, the U-Freight group soon became one of the leading operators in high value added transportation services, with a strong specialisation in the electronics industry. Long before the Asian continent became a hub of economic growth, the U-Freight Group was already expanding and opening offices throughout that region. Today, U-Freight serves retail and manufacturing companies, for which the time factor is critical, across all of Asia, Europe and America , supplying various logistics applications, with a particular emphasis on service, reliability and cost effectiveness. In a world of increasingly complex requirements, the aim of U-Freight is very simple:

To turn the client's logistics network into a competitive advantage.

To accomplish this, the U-Freight group has concentrated its investments and expertise within three specific areas:

Information Technology

Highly reliable international freight forwarding services

Logistics management and consulting activities

The investment in information technology has made it possible to implement a system that does not merely track the goods in transit but provides comprehensive visibility of the entire logistics process. Developed as a flexible and customisable tool for managing the entire supply chain, AFSA monitors the goods from the first issuing of the purchase order to their final delivery at destination, with complete online visibility and activity status reports always available in real time. There are also additional modules for integrating order tracking and warehousing, thus allowing custom solutions to be implemented using a single system.

The U-Freight Group is deeply committed to understanding the needs of the clients to which it provides air and sea freight services, and has to this end entered into long-term partnerships with the most important couriers in the sector. What is more, in the Pacific region U-Freight is one of only 8 companies fully authorised to operate in Chinese territory through its own offices.

An operationally independent consulting firm within the U-Freight group manages and develops special services to meet the demand for more complex logistics and distribution solutions. These include on-site management activities and multi-modal transport operations. The expertise of the consultants extends to analysis of order cycles, production cycles and the generation and containment of costs.